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Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair, one of the most vibrant fairs of India, witnesses a great number visitors from around the world. The fair takes place in the dawn of November every year, in the pinkish weather with countless traditional Indian colors. The whole city gets a fresh life with a blast of colorful cultural flavors. There, hardly, would be a fair as great as, as colorful as, and as rich as Pushkar Fair.

Pushkar Fair is actually an occasion of pilgrimage for Hindus to take a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake, which gives the town a name ‘Pushkar’. It is believed that the dip helps them washing off their sins of ages and births. Colors, culture and this spirituality allures foreigners to it- they, too, participate in all the happenings of this electrifying fair. Moreover, the fun continues for over a week. The population rises to about 300,000 for this fun-filled period of Pushkar Fair.

Getting a safer place to stay in and around the city becomes quite hard during the fair. Easing it, we, the Best Tour Packages have brought to you a special Pushkar fair package, in which we arrange your stay and visit in the city. It is advised to you that if you are planning to register your presence at the fair this year, pre-book the package to avoid

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